Monday, May 4, 2015

(SALE PENDING) Meet Kamryn!  Kamryn began as a 1980's Gregor.  She has a wide face, making a lot of fun to paint in a unique way!

 She comes with her toy bunny rabbit as well.  

She wears a summery outfit of a simple white shirt, blue gingham checked skirt in Sasha tradition and white shoes and socks.  She has blushed cheeks, a feature Sasha liked to use on her earlier dolls, and freckles.
We had a lot of fun taking these pictures -- hope you like them!
"A windy day!" 
"We had fun in the grass" 
"And playing in the yard" 
"Until it began to rain - but I found this umbrella and pair of red galoshes in the closet!"  
 "Whoo - more wind!"  
Kamryn is $385 and comes with her bunny.  (If you'd like her extras -a pair of red overshoes and umbrella, they are $10 extra)  I can be contacted here 

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  1. I am not sure if you will have gotten a previous comment from me, I am still struggling with the blog comments on all the blogs that I have been following, and I know that I have double-posted at least once. So apologies in advance, if that happens.

    I just want to say that I really love your OOAK dolls! They are absolutely gorgeous, and I yearn for every single one that I have seen. I was also wondering. Do you take commissions, if the customer provides the doll?

    Not that I will ever have the money to indulge in one of your beauties, but I was just wondering.

    Thank you for the beautiful eye-candy. You are very talented.