Saturday, October 29, 2016

SOLD  Meet Elsie!
Elsie began as an early anatomically correct early Sasha baby girl and has been rewigged and repainted as  a one of a kind.
She (and her friend Natalia, who is also available for sale, if you scroll down) were inspired by Sasha's girls in white.  She was a well loved baby but does not have any ink or spots; just a little shiny smudge on one cheek.

Her wig is synthetic mohair and fun to style.
Elsie is $195 and her red haired friend is also for sale (on this blog).
She comes signed with a certificate.  I may be contacted here
(SOLD) Meet Natalia!  Natalia began as a 1970's Sasha and is now a one of a kind redhaired girl.  This is the first time I have used this wig style; it is a Monique Gold synthetic mohair wig.  It is very curly and fun and parted on the side!  
Natalia was inspired by Sasha's Edwardian and Victorian style"girls in white". 
She wears a handmade dress, white bloomers with shoes and socks.  A lace bow accents her brightly colored hair.

She is absolutely perfect for the holiday season!
She has dark blue eyes and her features are sealed.
Natalia comes signed with a certificate and is $385 plus shipping. 
Her little dark haired friend, "Elsie" is also available separately.