Tuesday, May 3, 2016

In 1918, Johnny Gruelle published his first Raggedy Ann book and rag doll that would become famous all over the world.  The doll belonged to his daughter, Marcella, who became a character in the Raggedy Ann books as the little girl to whom the toys and dolls belonged.  Sadly, Marcella passed away at the age of 13.

Johnny Gruelle kept the memory of his daughter alive through the dolls and volume after volume of Raggedy Ann stories.

I thought this short haired Sasha girl would make a great Marcella ! So here she is.

"Marcella" began as a 1982 short haired Sasha girl.  I have dyed her hair to match the color of "Marcella's" in the book illustrations.  Her features are repainted and her cheeks are slightly blushed.  She wears a simple handmade yellow dress by lovzone7 

 with fun red shoes.   I wanted her to be a sweet remembrance of a little girl whose own rag doll would delight generations of children.  

Of course she can't go anywhere without her four companions - Raggedy Ann, Andy, Quacky Doodles and Fido the dog.  Quacky Doodles is a little known character in very early Johnny Gruelle books, and Fido, Marcella's dog,  is a character in the original Raggedy Ann stories.

Marcella also comes with a hard cover volume of Raggedy Ann stories that is a combination of the books "Raggedy Ann Stories" and "Raggedy Andy Stories".  It is a large book that features many original color illustrations and the original text. 

 Marcella will come with all of the above.  She is a one of a kind and can never be exactly duplicated.  She is $425 plus shipping.  While the books is included, it does add weight, and thus additional postage so if you happen to already have the book and don't want it, I can give you a shipping weight with and without.  

 In the sunny meadow, on the way home from a long day of playing........