Saturday, December 30, 2017

(SALE PENDING) Meet Alpha!   Alpha means "firstborn" or 'first" so it seemed a very fitting name for this girl who is starting the "New Year"!  Alpha began as a 1970 "London" girl.  She is an earlier, smaller, darker model.   She was in poor condition with very cut hair and features discoloring, and she needed a lot of cleaning.  She was very played with and still has quite a bit of shine wear and someone has pierced her ears!  I left the holes there rather than melt them over because I think she would be a fun doll for hoop or post earrings. 

Her features have been repainted in a crude-like style.  Her hair is a wonderful Monique Gold wig used for ball jointed dolls.  It is synthetic and extremely soft and light.  It can be styled in many ways.  Her long, shaggy bangs are similar to many of Sasha's waif like dolls.  She would be comfortable in a worn pair of overalls or jeans or a dress like the one she comes in!  
She has a light lavender dress and underneath she wears a set of striped underwear or "pajamas" that could also be a little summer set.  She has cream colored shoes.  
Alpha has been cleaned and restrung with new stringing cord so that she can hold a pose.  (Little bunny friend has to stay here though!)  
Alpha is $325 and comes in the dress, shoes and underwear set shown.  Paypal verified.  International shipping available.  Contact me at here to adopt her.