Friday, July 20, 2018

Strawberry Sira: Adventures in Hair Dyeing!

Meet Strawberry Sira!  Sira and I have been through some adventures in hair dyeing!  Sira has been a fun doll to customize.  She began as a 1980's Sasha.  She has been played with gently; someone had accidentally gotten a fleck of red glitter stuck to her cheek and when I removed it, a red mark was still there.  I have been unable to remove it; fortunately it is small and not seen with her hair down; so she has a birth mark!
Strawberry Sira has her original, long rooted hair.  I took on the adventure of a task I haven't done in a long time on a custom doll; dyeing!  Her hair has been hand dyed using three different colors; tangerine, scarlet and brown.  The process required several applications to get it to this color, and like natural hair, it is tinted slightly different colors.  She is a fun kind of combination of traditional Sasha and fantasy doll!  Because she was a play doll, her hair was brushed and while the ends are not frizzed, it has an all over slightly rougher texture than brand new.  As you can see though, it is shiny and very manageable and wavy!

Sira has a unique shade of red hair (no two dyed haired Sashas ever come out identical!) with green eyes.  She comes ready to dress; in her old fashioned white under things and big white hair bow.

Strawberry Sira is $285 and comes signed with a certificate.  We accept Paypal and international shipping is available.   I can be contacted here
"And who says I can't play pirates with the boys?"