Monday, April 29, 2013

Meet Marian! 
(SALE PENDING) Marian is the newest addition to the Spring Valley Studios Sasha collection.  She began as a 1970's girl with a caved torso.  (I tried to repair it, but the vinyl on the torso was just too soft and I was uncomfortable selling her as such, so I have replaced it with another 1970's torso that matches just fine.  So she's ready to go with no danger of caving again!)

Marian was inspired by Sasha Morgenthaler's studio girls with blonde hair and brown eyes.  Marian wears a brand new human hair wig, just like Sasha's studio girls that I have hand cut and styled in a carefree manner.    Her features are all handpainted in Sasha tradition and sealed.  I have given her light freckles and very slight cheek blush, as some of Sasha's studio girls had.  With all the brown tones, this gives a lovely bit of color to her face, and lends her coloring to just about any other outfit color you would want to give her.

Her dress is handmade by Diane's Delights and is handsmocked. 

Marian is in good condition with a small pink pin dot on one finger and some dirt smudges on her torso that are not a big deal, but that didn't come off with a washing.

I am sure she will make a happy addition to your collection!  Her "adoption" fee is $355 plus Priority postage.  Both Google Checkout and Paypal are available; International shipping options are available as well.  If you would like to adopt this girl, email me at