Tuesday, February 10, 2015

SALE PENDING Meet Krystal!  Krystal is the first doll of 2015!

She is a sort of commemorative Sasha in a couple of ways - first, she is a skater!  Among Sasha Morgenthaler's studio dolls are found some beautiful, lovely "winter sport" doll including skiers and ice skaters!    Her "style" has also been patterned after the early no philtrum dolls.  She is not an "exact" copy of course, she is just reminiscent in hair style and feature style.    50 years ago, the first prototype production no philtrum Sasha dolls were created!

Krystal wears a fantastic handmade outfit by Wonderful Worlds.  It consists of a contemporary hoodie, scarf, white shirt and blue skirt.  I have added her skates and high socks.
Her wig is a synthetic mohair and since it has a "skin" top, it can be parted in a couple of different ways.   Her condition is good- she does have a bit of shininess under her left eye - no smoke, mold or other odors or stains.

Krystal is $365 and I may be contacted here 
 I took the below picture after a storm - it's a Sasha doll's balance amazing??