Thursday, September 6, 2012

Annamarie - a new doll for September

Meet Annamaria!  Annamaria began as a 1980's brunette doll with falling hair.  She has only light playwear (most noticeable being a couple of stand dimples in her torso, but she is NOT caved in at all and has been cleaned and restrung.

Sasha Morgenthaler loved the world's children and Annamarie represents a Bavarian girl in a 30's or 40's style.  She wears ankle socks and white above the knee bloomers underneath and real suede handmade shoes on her feet!  Her beautiful traditional style dress is by Dreaming Under the Lilacs and is a one of a kind, hand made design.

Annamarie has a human hair wig just like Sasha's own studio dolls had!  This is a brand new, very high quality wig that has been conditioned and styled, and it is very versatile.  It is sturdy and does not have falling or brittle hair at all!

Annamarie's features colors reflect those in her dress as well as in the changing season to Autumn.  Her cheeks are lightly blushed, as some of Sasha's early studio dolls were, and her lip color reflects the same tint.  She has freckles and brown eyes.  

Annamarie would be a wonderful addition to your Sasha family!  She is $385 and international shipping is available.  Email me at   
Here is a photo of her stand "dimples" -