Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Meet Kai!

(SALE PENDING) Kai is a very special Sasha doll.  50% of her selling price will be given to Compassion International; a highly reputable ministry (which consistently ranks high in all watchdog studies) that seeks to release children and their families from poverty.  I highly recommend child sponsorship if you have never opened the door to such a blessing!  You can read more about Compassion here.

Kai is a universal child doll; of no specific ethnic background; dark skin, dark brown hair and blue eyes with a hint of Eur-Asian eyes make her a wonderful representation of the world's children, just as Sasha Morgenthaler intended.  "Kai" is a popular name in many cultures, with different meanings in each; one being the world "universal".

Kai began as a Sasha Marina with badly cut hair.  She was very played with - I have cleaned and restrung her and except for a very light ink line on the back of her leg, and a couple of light smudge spots on her leg, she is in good condition.

I wanted Kai to reflect the kind of children Compassion helps.  Her clothing has been aged and made to look worn; through a dying process.  Her jeans are real Sasha jeans that were damaged with a missing belt loop and cutting.  They have been trimmed into raggy shorts.  Around her waist is a "belt" of traditional beads or shells, as is her necklace.  Her shirt and pants have been stained subtly with permanent fabric dye.

Her hair is called "synthetic mohair" and is in reality just a very fine, lightweight synthetic fiber that unlike mohair, is very strong and durable. It can be styled in many ways.  It has been conditioned and trimmed to give it a more "real child" look.

Kai is $399 and half her proceeds will go to Compassion International.  (The buyer will receive an email receipt.)   International shipping available; Paypal verified. 

Sometimes once a doll is done, I change my mind.  For a few weeks Saige here has been sitting on my shelf, and each time I catch a glimpse of her, I wonder how she would look as a brunette doll.
I finally dug out a very sweet brunette with with no bangs, washed and conditioned it, and trimmed it as it was very long, and I think it is a perfect color combination for her.  The blonde was a nice contrast, but the brown blends and flows with the rest of her colors!  So brown it is!

So I have rephotographed her and am offering her this way! 

Saige began as an early doll; circa 1970 and has been one of those "labors of love" since she had quite a bit of wear and damage.

She had puppy chew on her feet which I have smoothed over somewhat; and she had a nick on the end of her nose which I have also been able to buff and sand, and a little nick on her leg (above).  She has the sheen seen on the early dolls as she was very well loved at some point by a little girl long ago!

I have removed her worn features and missing hair and she is now a new personality!

I love Saige's earthy tones in time for  Spring!  She wears a gorgeous handmade dress made by Jadwiga  McKinlay in the United Kingdom.  It is a soft brushed velvet gray dress with beautiful designs on it.

 I have given Sage brown eyes in a studio style and freckles, which help cover up her acquired facial shiny places where she was so well loved and played with.....

Saige wears original Sasha black oxfords on her feet and is ready to play!

Contact me to bring Saige into your Sasha family today.  I really felt that she deserved a "second chance" and not just put in a box to be used as parts to fix a "better" doll..... Saige is $275 and comes with a certificate and will be signed and dated on her foot for identification.  :)