Wednesday, April 15, 2020

(SOLD) Meet Hope!  Hope began as a 1980s Sasha doll. 
She is now a one of a kind custom doll!  
She wears a Monique wig that is very long and is two toned in color, like many of Sasha's studio dolls.  She has multi colored eyes and freckles.  Rather than order shoes for her, I  will leave that to her new owner!  She wears a lovely handmade dress by Luvzone.  I added a half slip and bloomers that need to be tied up with a ribbon!)  

I hope you enjoy her photos!  She is $295 and I may be reached here .  Paypal verified.  International shipping is available, but I fully insure and as such, appropriate value needs to be declared on the customs form. 

Sunday, February 23, 2020

(SOLD) Meet Ciara!  Ciara began as a 1970's doll and is now a one of a kind, raven haired girl.  She is ready for spring, even though the ground hasn't yet caught up!  She is gathering eggs and comes with her egg basket.

 She has a synthetic mohair wig that can be styled many ways. It has a skin top part on top so the part can be moved to the center or slightly to the side.  This wig style is cut so that the front is ever so lightly longer than the back, so it can be pulled back I guess.  I have showed it down and also in braids.  Her dress is handmade by luvzone on Ebay.  Her dress apron looks to be made with an older embroidered piece of fabric and is very sweet!  It has very slight mark on the front.    I added the bloomers, socks and shoes.


 he doll is in very nice condition but she was a play doll.  She has every so slight very light orange dots on one side of her face.  They are only visible in the light if you are looking directly at them - I did not even notice them when I was working on or repainting her; only when I went to do the close up photos.

Ciara is an Irish name meaning "dark" or "dark haired".  It seemed appropriate for this girl with her black hair and bright blue eyes!  Ciara comes signed with a certificate.  She is $295
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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

(SOLD) Meet Ayleen!  Ayleen is an earlier Sasha baby and has been remade.  She has some wild hair going on!  She has a wonderful, high quality new mohair wig by Kemper.     She wears a 1940's or 50's era handmade simple dress.  She has been restrung and repainted.  Her hair can have two bunches on top, or it can be pulled back or left down.    Ayleen is $165.  Her brother who is shown with her is available separately.  I can be contacted HERE

(SOLD) Meet Casey! 

Casey began as a doll much in need of help! He is now a freckled boy with a  mop of auburn hair!  From head to toe:  He is wearing a new, high quality Kemper mohair curly wig.  It can be pulled out to be longer, or styled shorter. 
He wears a little sailor smock, pants and original Sasha sandals.  Around his neck is an original Sasha bandana as well.  He has been restrung loose enough not to put pressure on his neck and joints.  He can stand on his own.  Casey also comes with his little wooden set of British soldiers and houses!   I don't know the origin of this set, but it's all wood and very cute.  

Casey is $295 and I can be contacted HERE    Paypal verified.  I can ship overseas but I have to properly fill out customs forms since we are a registered business.  

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving! Meet Marta!

(SOLD)  Just a perfect doll for November! 
Meet Marta.  Marta began as a 1969/1970 Gregor in need of makeover.  I began by doing a total cleaning and restringing so that she can now hold a pose.
Marta has a light blond synthetic mohair wig that I have styled in two pigtails.  I also photographed it brushed out.  It is very versatile!    Her light hair and extra dark coloring of an earlier doll reminded me of a beautiful "yellow/brown" eyed early Gotz doll that I had at one point in my Sasha family.  I wanted to do a similar eye style combined with that of a studio doll.

Marta's features have been repainted and sealed and she wears a dress by Luvzone on Ebay.  On her feet are older stockings and a pair of Sasha trainers distressed to look worn and old.

She was so much fun to photograph on this gray November day but her hair was all over the place with the wind!   She is a great doll for winter! 

Marta is $295 and overseas shipping is available.  (Since we are a registered business, we do need to declare the value on international packages.)  I may be reached here.  

Sunday, June 9, 2019

(SOLD) Meet Charlotte!  Just in time for summer!
Charlotte began as a  1980's Sasha baby.  She has been remade into a new baby with strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes!  she comes dressed in summer overalls (that need their straps shortened just a little).  She has a two toned synthetic wig, similar in style and color to those used on studio dolls.  Charlotte would make a cute addition to a Sasha doll family! 
She comes with her little cocker spaniel puppy also!
She is $185 with shipping at a 1-2 pound rate.  I may be contacted here

Friday, June 7, 2019

(SOLD) Meet Mei Leng!  In 2017, I began a new job teaching students in China on line.  I have now taught over 3000 classes with VIPKID, a company that brings together North American teachers and kids in China! I have taught children as young as 3, and as old as 15.  I now teach about 50 classes per week!  I  have to say, it has been life changing for me.  These kids are so amazing, happy and bright!  As I have come to know my students, I have been fascinated to learn about their lives and their culture.  I have gotten to know their families as well, which is super special too!  Aside from raising my own kids, this is the most amazing job I've ever had!

I began thinking about Sasha Morgenthaler's original dolls.  Sasha  traveled extensively, observing the world's children.  She captured their essence in hundreds of studio dolls.  She often made children of specific nationalities and cultures in traditional clothing.  Sasha also made modern dolls.

Modern day China is quite a bit different than the China that Sasha portrayed in her doll art.   Technology has brought a western culture influence, and yet China still beautifully holds onto age old traditions of family and culture.  I wanted to sort of "re-imagine" Sasha's Asian children dolls by creating a modern Chinese child as one of my custom dolls.

Meet Mei Leng.  Mei Leng began as a Gregor in need of a makeover.  She now represents a modern, urban Chinese girl.  She wears a soft, straight wig that has been cut specifically for her.  She has a simple dress and handmade sandals on her feet.  Her blue floral shirt can be worn over her dress.  Mei Leng comes with her accessories that reflect the lifestyle of a modern Chinese student!  She has a backpack, laptop and carries her lunch with her.  I am amazed to find out that some Chinese students take English classes online during their lunch hour at school!   Almost all of my Chinese students are involved in extra activities such as dance, piano or sports.  Mei Leng carries with her a gym bag with her dance leotard, skirt and toe shoes in it for her after school activity.

Mei Leng comes in the outfit shown, with the accessories shown including her extra ballet outfit, gym bag, school bag and all accessories.

Mei Ling is a one of a kind that can never be exactly duplicated.  I have sought to stay true to Sasha's style, while also imagining how Sasha Morgenthaler would have portrayed the modern children in Asia's culture today.

Mei Leng is $325 and I may be contacted here. 

If you're interested in teaching with VIPKID (you do not need to know Chinese, you just need a bachelor's degree and experience teaching kids) my referral link is here!