Thursday, July 16, 2015

(SOLD) Meet Danika!  Danika began as a 1980's Gregor - she is now a redhaired girl in brown!  
She has a red wig by Monique that has been trimmed and styled for her.  She has freckles and brown eyes with green highlights.

Her dress is a Designs by Diane and is like a brushed flannel.  She has white bloomers, socks and brown boots to match her dress.

Danika will come signed with a certificate.  She is a one of a kind and can never be exactly duplicated.  :)
Danika is ON SALE for $295  with shipping dependent on location.  I may be contacted here 

She photographed so well in front of the pear tree! :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

(SALE PENDING) this is usually a site to showcase my custom dolls, I am offering here for sale my beautiful Sasha studio doll. ( I would not be selling her except by necessity because of the fast need for a new car!)

 Her name is "Saphire" and she is featured in Anne Votaw's book on page 110.  Her entire outfit is shown there as well.  We spent the day with Anne and Susanna Lewis and Anne photographed the doll for the book at that time.  Her eyes are shown in closeup on page 131 of the same book -top center.

So top to bottom.  This is a very special an unique doll because she comes with a history of where she was purchased.  She was purchased at Marshall Field in 1967 and is one of a few known dolls featured in the background of a photograph taken for the press with Sasha Morgenthaler and group section manager Robert B Carlson.  (The newspaper photograph is shown on page 109 of Anne's book)   So that's actually her in the background.  She is absolutely one of a kind.
She was originally purchased with the black girl in Sasha's hands.

So now that you have her very special background, here is her top to bottom.
She is a 1967 CI Vinyl doll in a dark complexion.  As such, when she is exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time, the vinyl takes on a greenish cast from the UV lights.  Someone displayed her at one point in sunlight and her legs have taken on that greenish color in large places.  I have had her for many years and it has not worsened but I have always kept her in a dark cabinet, seated with a cotton blanket or towel over her legs.  Fortunately her outfit covers her arms and rest of her body.

She is in excellent condition with red/auburn human hair wig that is soft and shiny.  I conditioned it when I got her several years ago and it has kept the hair strong and from getting dry and brittle.
As a vinyl Sasha, she does have the same issue they all have with the white plasticizer rising to the surface, so every year or so, she needs to be carefully gone over with a petroleum jelly (Vaseline, no additives).  As vinyl is a petroleum product, this keeps her "skin" perfect and gets rid of the white that surfaces on these early vinyl dolls

 She has no smoke, mold or other odors and her outfit is just gorgeous!  This special Sasha outfit has so much attention to detail - the pleats in the dress, the velour white sweater underneath, matching blue sandals and her blue hat with a chin strap.
This is the outfit that the production doll "Elke"'s clothing  was modeled after (in pink).
Her outfit is tagged multiple times - in the slip, on the sweater and on the jacket itself.  Her slip has some marks on it - probably where she was put in a doll stand at one point (something I never did) and the front of her white sweater has a very slight yellowing.  I have not tried to wash it.  The elbow of one sleeve on the jacket has a small brownish spot - she also has a brown spot on her upper thigh that I imagine happened at the factory with the coloring since it seems to be in the vinyl and part of it.

She has her original Sasha wrist tag. .  She is signed on her foot.
Her stringing is loose - I have never restrung her, as it is original but I can do so if the buyer is interested.
One additional note - the book states that she has bobby pins in her hair - I removed these before I stored this doll and I have been unable to locate them.  I did not want the metal reacting with her hair.  I have looked through my personal Sasha items and have been unable to find them :(

Saphire is $8000 and payment must be in form of a cashier's check or bank check.  Shipping will be by overnight express, double boxed and will vary by location - I will split shipping costs if necessary, to get her to you safely.    Because of my circumstances for having to part with her, I'm afraid I can't do a layaway right now.... ..Please keep scrolling to see all her pictures.   I may be reached here 

 I will send this newspaper reprint with her - it is 8 by 10".