Saturday, October 31, 2015

(SALE PENDING) Meet "Liat"!

 Liat began as a 1980's Gregor.  She has been given a Monique Gold wig in dark brown and her features repainted as a Sasha studio doll.    
Her hair can be parted on the side or center.  It is wild but looks cute in a bow!  
She wears a long, white studio style dress by Diane's Delights and Mary Janes on her feet.  She comes with her little porcelain doll.  
She is a perfect doll to welcome in winter 2015!   Her name, of Hebrew origin, means "mine" or "you are mine".  Liat is $385 and comes foot-signed with a certificate.   I may be contacted here 


Monday, October 19, 2015

(SOLD) Meet Honor!  Honor began as a Gregor and has been remade into a one of a kind studio style doll, representing a girl of the 1860's.  (Her name was chosen as one of the top 100 girl names in England and Wales for that year).

Honor has a synthetic mohair wig and her features have been repainted and sealed.  She has very slight cheek color that is very subtle.  Her dress is made by Diane's Delights and has a petticoat, and I added a long pair of bloomers and brown boots.  In Sasha Morgenthaler style, her eye color picks up the subtle greens in her dress.

Honor is a one of a kind and can never be exactly duplicated. 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

(SALE PENDING)  Ella Rose -- a new one of a kind Sasha girl for Autumn, 2015. She began as a 1969 Gregor with bad hair and much wear.  Fortunately, she has no ink or other problems.  She has been cleaned, restrung and remade as a new doll!

Ella's features have been handpainted and sealed (except her freckles!) and she wears an orange/mango colorful Fall schooldress. She resembles a little girl from the 1920's or 30's -but a simple white ribbon makes her dress look like it is earlier than that.
She has blue Mary Jane shoes.  Her wig is a brand new real fiber mohair wig by Kemper.  It is strong and well made and she has a messy, touseled look that belies her neat and clean dress!  I love using real mohair on custom Sashas - it is close to the human hair Sasha Morgenthaler used on her studio dolls and has a very natural, soft look!

Ella is $395 and comes signed with a certificate.  I may be contacted here   (UK shipping is $49 by Priority, US and Canada by zip code)