Thursday, March 12, 2015


(SALE PENDING)   (Scroll down for "Jessamine" - other doll added today )"Sepia" is sort of my Sasha Morgenthaler "Pierott" doll.  Sasha sometime experimented with a completely different creation and that is what Sepia is.  She is kind of a color study; kind of a unique "being" all her own.  I realize she is completely different in style than all my other dolls, but I think she's a lot of fun - I almost kept her here!

 She began as a 1980's Sasha doll.   Her wig is a wig for ball jointed dolls from the Monique Gold collection.  It is very long, fine and two toned.  Her outfit-a commercial slip and bloomers, were hand dyed using fabric dye and coffee grounds (I's weird...but the dye I had was too light))

She is really kind of elf like in appearance, at the same time, giving an appearance of an older child or young teen because of her eye placement and lips.

Sepia has light eyes in a kind of watercolor style in a totally different shape and style than I have done in the past.

I think she's a lot of fun in an artsy kind of way.  She can be dressed how you like but I though the peaches, browns, pinks, etc were a weird and fun combination.  Sepia is $385 plus shipping and is a one of a kind.  I can be contacted here 

Jessamine: An Edwardian Era Girl

Meet Jessamine!  Jessamine represents a girl from the Edwardian era and carries a name that was popular in England for girls at the time.

Jessamine has a synthetic mohair with that is baby fine and soft and it has been trimmed and styled for her.  It is a ginger and brown color, like a brown that picks up lighter tones in brighter light in a very natural way.  She began as a falling hair Gregor from the 1970's and is now a one of a kind girl!

Condition:  She was well played with and put in a stand at some point - I have heat treated and reshaped her sides and her neck knob which was a little misshapen - it still has a small ridge in it so it likes certain head poses but her head  can still be posed in all different ways. She has been restrung as well.  Her neck at the torso is not "caved" but is just naturally indented a little but it should not be a problem, as she is restrung tight enough for a pose but not tight enough to put a ton of pressure on the joint.  On her back is a light mark on her upper back probably where she was stored against something and there are two lightish pink marks on her back.  I am to blame for those - I didn't realize I had red paint on my fingers form opening a paint bottle when I was doing her lips and accidentally imprinted it on her back.  I washed it off but these acrylics can stick and it has left a little pink birthmark.  

Her dress was made by 4everart and it is a lovely Edwardian style dress. I added thick white sockings, bloomers and matching blue shoes.  She reminds me of a little Schoenhut doll in this fun outfit!  

 Fun with antique toys!  
 Her hair can be styled in different ways since it has a top "skin" part instead of a stitched part.

 Jessamine's wig in the sunlight, picking up the light ginger tones.

 Jessamine is $385 and comes in the full outfit shown, signed with a certificate.  She is a one of a kind, never to be exactly duplicated!  I can be contacted here 

Friday, March 6, 2015


(SOLD) This is Fiona!  She began as a later light "skinned" Gotz baby girl from the final production of Sasha in the 2000's.  She had kind of glaring eyes from the factory so she has been remade into a new one of a kind doll!  Fiona means "fair" and her coloring, hair and face painting is fair, light and delicate.   When Gotz issued the lighter skinned dolls in 2000, some people found them "unSasha-like" in that they didn't have the traditional "universal" child skin color.  However, all one has to do is look at Sasha Morgenthaler's studio dolls to see that she always used a wide variety of skin colors for her dolls!  

Fiona's features have been repainted and sealed.  She even has a "quirky" right eyebrow reminiscent of some of the early Frido production dolls :) She has a synthetic mohair wig that has been cut and styled for her and it is baby fine and can be arranged in many ways.  It has a "clear" part in the front so the "scalp" matches her light vinyl color so it looks very natural.

I wanted to make her like an older studio baby even though she was a "modern" Sasha production doll.  She wears an antique doll dress circa 1940's and an old pair of bloomers (that need a new elastic).  Her little dress has a small hole in the back, but her fair appearance really called for something light in both color and fabric.

She has a couple of factory imperfections: her one arm socket is a little more indented than the other but she is not "caved".  Restringing these babies is a horrific task, so I didn't undertake it simply because even if I pushed that out a little bit it would probably just go back to the way it was since I think these later vinyl dolls just came out of the molds and hardened differently.  Her stringing is the perfect tension which I also didn't want to mess with either.
Fortunately it doesn't detract from her appearance.   She can still hug her little springtime Easter bunny that will come with her.  She also has a very faint raspberry birthmark on one leg.  Fiona is $310 and comes signed with a certificate.  I can be contacted here

Analetta: A Sasha Toddler

SALE PENDING  Meet Analetta!
Analetta is a scarcely found Sasha straight legged Gotz "toddler" from the 2000's Gotz production of Sasha dolls.  She began as a Claudius with poorly painted eyes, as was unfortunately the fate of many of these late Gotz production dolls.
She has been lovingly remade into a little gypsy child.  :)  Sasha Morenthaler traveled the world and observed children, from all social classes and situations.  She seemed to bind them together with a common thread.  I hope Analetta does that also.

She has been repainted and sealed and her wig is a new synthetic mohair that has been trimmed and styled for her.  It is baby soft and wild and can be fashioned in many different ways.  Her  oversized dress is a handmade dress I have had for years.  I added a scarf to give her some color and underneath are mismatched shorts.

As was common with many of the Gotz production dolls, this toddler has some unusual shaping.  Fortunately she is well strung and no caving or "too tight" cord, but her neck knob is shaped differently on one side.  I have a feeling this is the way it as molded since there is no indication that the doll was strung so tightly as to misform it.  It's just the way it is with so many of the last production dolls.  She also has a very very wide face.  I think it's just the way the vinyl cooled - giving her a very pudgy look with large cheeks and a flatter nose than most.
It certainly gives her character!

Analetta gave me a rare chance to work on a Sasha toddler, something I haven't had the opportunity to do in several years!  She is $475 plus shipping   (As always, 10% of a custom doll's selling price goes to help real children at Compassion International.)
and I can be contacted here   SALE PENDING