Friday, March 6, 2015

Analetta: A Sasha Toddler

SALE PENDING  Meet Analetta!
Analetta is a scarcely found Sasha straight legged Gotz "toddler" from the 2000's Gotz production of Sasha dolls.  She began as a Claudius with poorly painted eyes, as was unfortunately the fate of many of these late Gotz production dolls.
She has been lovingly remade into a little gypsy child.  :)  Sasha Morenthaler traveled the world and observed children, from all social classes and situations.  She seemed to bind them together with a common thread.  I hope Analetta does that also.

She has been repainted and sealed and her wig is a new synthetic mohair that has been trimmed and styled for her.  It is baby soft and wild and can be fashioned in many different ways.  Her  oversized dress is a handmade dress I have had for years.  I added a scarf to give her some color and underneath are mismatched shorts.

As was common with many of the Gotz production dolls, this toddler has some unusual shaping.  Fortunately she is well strung and no caving or "too tight" cord, but her neck knob is shaped differently on one side.  I have a feeling this is the way it as molded since there is no indication that the doll was strung so tightly as to misform it.  It's just the way it is with so many of the last production dolls.  She also has a very very wide face.  I think it's just the way the vinyl cooled - giving her a very pudgy look with large cheeks and a flatter nose than most.
It certainly gives her character!

Analetta gave me a rare chance to work on a Sasha toddler, something I haven't had the opportunity to do in several years!  She is $475 plus shipping   (As always, 10% of a custom doll's selling price goes to help real children at Compassion International.)
and I can be contacted here   SALE PENDING 

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