Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Meet Tamora - a New Sasha Doll :)

(SALE PENDING) This is Tamora- who began as a 1980's Gregor doll.  She is in good condition - has been well cleaned and has one small shiny spot on her lip and another on her left temple from previous play!

She has greenish eyes, freckles and a light brown/auburn colored wig.  She wears a homemade dress by Debbies Dolls and a straw hat that I have added.   Her green dress is just perfect for Spring and reflects her eye colors nicely, just like Sasha purposed to do with her studio dolls! 

 But of course, she can be dressed in many different outfits and styles; she is very versatile!   Her tousled wig is a synthetic mohair, so it is very soft, natural looking and very style-able!  Her features have been sealed as well.

Tamora is now a one of a kind Sasha doll that can never be duplicated.  She is $325 and she is sure to make a fun addition to your Sasha collection!