Friday, July 20, 2018

Strawberry Sira: Adventures in Hair Dyeing!

Meet Strawberry Sira!  Sira and I have been through some adventures in hair dyeing!  Sira has been a fun doll to customize.  She began as a 1980's Sasha.  She has been played with gently; someone had accidentally gotten a fleck of red glitter stuck to her cheek and when I removed it, a red mark was still there.  I have been unable to remove it; fortunately it is small and not seen with her hair down; so she has a birth mark!
Strawberry Sira has her original, long rooted hair.  I took on the adventure of a task I haven't done in a long time on a custom doll; dyeing!  Her hair has been hand dyed using three different colors; tangerine, scarlet and brown.  The process required several applications to get it to this color, and like natural hair, it is tinted slightly different colors.  She is a fun kind of combination of traditional Sasha and fantasy doll!  Because she was a play doll, her hair was brushed and while the ends are not frizzed, it has an all over slightly rougher texture than brand new.  As you can see though, it is shiny and very manageable and wavy!

Sira has a unique shade of red hair (no two dyed haired Sashas ever come out identical!) with green eyes.  She comes ready to dress; in her old fashioned white under things and big white hair bow.

Strawberry Sira is $285 and comes signed with a certificate.  We accept Paypal and international shipping is available.   I can be contacted here
"And who says I can't play pirates with the boys?" 

Saturday, June 16, 2018

(SALE PENDING)  Meet Sorrel!  Sorrel is a brand new custom Sasha baby!  Sorrel began as a 1980's Sasha baby in need of a makeover.  She has been repainted in a unique style.  I say this because Sasha painted her dolls to look straight ahead.  With Sorrel, I decided to give her eyes a very slight "side gaze" as if she is slightly distracted or in thought about something.  Her eyes are small, in the style of the 1968 Frido "tiny eyed" dolls.
She has blue eyes and a red/brown wig.  She comes dressed in a cotton Sasha "Baby Cara" dress and pants and comes with her large bunny rabbit toy.
Sorrel has a brand new Kemper mohair wig in a brown/auburn color.  I have styled it in two top ponytails.  It is a wild, fly away style!  Her cheeks are lightly blushed in a style that Sasha sometimes used on her studio dolls.

Sorrel is a one of a kind and can never be exactly duplicated.   She comes signed with a certificate. Sorrel is $210 and overseas shipping is available. If you would like her without her dress, she is $195.   I may be contacted here.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Meet Ngana! New Custom Sasha Doll May 2018

(SALE PENDING) It has been several months but I finally completed a new doll.  Meet Ngana. 
Sasha Morgenthaler often enjoyed designing her dolls after literary characters.  Ngana (N-gana) was inspired by the musical South Pacific.  The show, which debuted around the same time as Sasha Morgenthaler began creating her dolls, in 1949, centered around American troops stationed in the South Pacific.  The central character, Nellie Forbush, meets and falls in love with a French plantation owner, Emile, who lives on the island, but when she finds out that his deceased wife was a Polynesian woman with dark skin  and that his two children, Ngana and Jerome are of mixed race, she struggles with her inner conflict of racial prejudice seeded in her from her upbringing in Arkansas.  While she is charmed by the innocence and sweetness of Emile's children, she cannot get past the fact that their mother was "colored" as she calls it.  After breaking off their engagement, Nellie realizes how shallow her beliefs are, overcomes the hatred of racism, and embraces Emile and his two children as her new family.  Rogers and Hammerstein made a strong statement about the senselessness of racism at the same time that Sasha Morgenthaler was at the beginning of creating dolls that celebrated the universality of all children and races.

Ngana began as a 1970's Sasha in need of a makeover.  She has been repainted and her features sealed.  Her wig is a real new mohair wig from Kemper. I enjoyed using this natural fiber on this doll as Sasha's studio dolls had natural fiber wigs.
Ngana's dress is handmade and embellished with various beads and stones from her island home and she has a colorful ankle bracelet.  Her eyes are dark gray/blue and her hair is dark and curly.

Ngana is a one of a kind and can never be exactly duplicated.  She comes signed on her foot and includes an identification paper.   Ngana is $310 and international shipping is available.  I am paypal verified and all orders have tracking.  I may be contacted here

Monday, February 19, 2018

Meet Hannah!

(SOLD) Meet Hannah!  Hannah is a new one of a kind Sasha just in time for an early Spring!

Hannah began as a 1980's Gregor.  She has a Monique Gold wig that is sun streaked with blonde and she has been repainted as a new one of a kind doll!Hannah has a handmade outfit (by luvzone7 on Ebay!) and her eyes and features colors are coordinated with it, as Sasha Morgenthaler used to do.  She wears brown boots on her feet.

Hannah is a one of a kind and can never be exactly duplicated.

Hannah is $365 and I may be contacted here.  International shipping available.