Saturday, June 16, 2018

(SALE PENDING)  Meet Sorrel!  Sorrel is a brand new custom Sasha baby!  Sorrel began as a 1980's Sasha baby in need of a makeover.  She has been repainted in a unique style.  I say this because Sasha painted her dolls to look straight ahead.  With Sorrel, I decided to give her eyes a very slight "side gaze" as if she is slightly distracted or in thought about something.  Her eyes are small, in the style of the 1968 Frido "tiny eyed" dolls.
She has blue eyes and a red/brown wig.  She comes dressed in a cotton Sasha "Baby Cara" dress and pants and comes with her large bunny rabbit toy.
Sorrel has a brand new Kemper mohair wig in a brown/auburn color.  I have styled it in two top ponytails.  It is a wild, fly away style!  Her cheeks are lightly blushed in a style that Sasha sometimes used on her studio dolls.

Sorrel is a one of a kind and can never be exactly duplicated.   She comes signed with a certificate. Sorrel is $210 and overseas shipping is available. If you would like her without her dress, she is $195.   I may be contacted here.

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