Monday, May 25, 2015

(SOLD) Meet Seana!  She began as a 1980's girl.  Her rooted hair has been hand dyed in a one of a  kind red color and her features repainted.

She resembles early production Sasha dolls.  

Head to toe:  She has a little neck dent in the front - I have disassembled her and heated the neck to reshape it, which worked (it almost came to a point in front).  It is much better now but it still likes to "snap" into place sometimes.  She is still able to be posed well and she has been restrung.  

Her hair was dyed in a painstaking process with four colors of Rit dye, several times over,  leaving it a blending of different shades of red.  Her eyes are brown.  

She is a "dress me" and comes only in the underwear shown, allowing me to keep her price lower.

Seana is $320 and I can be contacted here 

Friday, May 22, 2015

(SALE PENDING) Meet Corette!  Corette means "little maid" and I think it's a fitting name for this young-looking Sasha girl.

 She began as an earlier Gregor doll with partially missing features and bad hair.  Now she has been remade into a one of a kind studio style Sasha girl!

She's a bit patriotic looking for this Memorial Day weekend (unintentional; it just happened to be the outfit I selected for her!)
But she is ready for summer in her striped dress that was seamstress made, white socks and cobalt colored shoes.

She has a Monique Gold wig in dark reddish brown and green eyes with freckles.  Her larger round eyes, full lips, short hair and smaller doll mold give her a younger child look. 

Her little dolly friend is not included, but her pink hair clip is.

Corette is $390 and I may be contacted here.  Paypal is preferred.  (I can take a credit card through Paypal also .) 

Monday, May 4, 2015

(SALE PENDING) Meet Kamryn!  Kamryn began as a 1980's Gregor.  She has a wide face, making a lot of fun to paint in a unique way!

 She comes with her toy bunny rabbit as well.  

She wears a summery outfit of a simple white shirt, blue gingham checked skirt in Sasha tradition and white shoes and socks.  She has blushed cheeks, a feature Sasha liked to use on her earlier dolls, and freckles.
We had a lot of fun taking these pictures -- hope you like them!
"A windy day!" 
"We had fun in the grass" 
"And playing in the yard" 
"Until it began to rain - but I found this umbrella and pair of red galoshes in the closet!"  
 "Whoo - more wind!"  
Kamryn is $385 and comes with her bunny.  (If you'd like her extras -a pair of red overshoes and umbrella, they are $10 extra)  I can be contacted here