Monday, May 25, 2015

(SOLD) Meet Seana!  She began as a 1980's girl.  Her rooted hair has been hand dyed in a one of a  kind red color and her features repainted.

She resembles early production Sasha dolls.  

Head to toe:  She has a little neck dent in the front - I have disassembled her and heated the neck to reshape it, which worked (it almost came to a point in front).  It is much better now but it still likes to "snap" into place sometimes.  She is still able to be posed well and she has been restrung.  

Her hair was dyed in a painstaking process with four colors of Rit dye, several times over,  leaving it a blending of different shades of red.  Her eyes are brown.  

She is a "dress me" and comes only in the underwear shown, allowing me to keep her price lower.

Seana is $320 and I can be contacted here 

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