Friday, May 22, 2015

(SALE PENDING) Meet Corette!  Corette means "little maid" and I think it's a fitting name for this young-looking Sasha girl.

 She began as an earlier Gregor doll with partially missing features and bad hair.  Now she has been remade into a one of a kind studio style Sasha girl!

She's a bit patriotic looking for this Memorial Day weekend (unintentional; it just happened to be the outfit I selected for her!)
But she is ready for summer in her striped dress that was seamstress made, white socks and cobalt colored shoes.

She has a Monique Gold wig in dark reddish brown and green eyes with freckles.  Her larger round eyes, full lips, short hair and smaller doll mold give her a younger child look. 

Her little dolly friend is not included, but her pink hair clip is.

Corette is $390 and I may be contacted here.  Paypal is preferred.  (I can take a credit card through Paypal also .) 

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  1. LOVE her! So wish I could add her to my Kelly Kids group. She would be a lovely sister for Brishen. That little dress and short hair make me think of my childhood favourite book character - Milly-Molly-Mandy.