Saturday, December 8, 2012

Meet Taisie!  (SOLD)
  Taisie is a special doll created for the holiday season 2012!  She began as a 1970's girl with badly falling hair.  She has had some playwear, but she was well worthy of a remake and is now a whole new personality!

 Taisie's is named after the legendary Irish princess with bright blue eyes.  With her flyaway blonde hair, ethereal aurora and in her blue and silver snowflake outfit, hand sewn by Dreaming Under The Lilacs, she looks like a winter sprite!  But on her feet, she wears a wonderful pair of handmade ice skates, made especially for Sasha!  Sasha Morgenthaler created special dolls for the winter; including ice skaters, and Taisie follows that tradition!

Taisie wears a very high quality synthetic wig by Monique.  It has mohair like qualities, but it is very durable and soft.  It is glued so that it is adhered carefully all around, so it can be pulled back in a ponytail and still looks great!  It can be styled in many ways; the front part has a "skin" cap so that it can be parted different ways. 

 Taisie's eyes have been patterned after Sasha's studio doll style.  She has lightly blushed cheeks which accent her blues, along with her strawberry blonde hair color.   She has a very light sprinkling of freckles. 
She has some playwear, but no chews or strange odors.  She has been cleaned inside and out and restrung with all new elastic.  She has a stain on the back of one leg that lightened considerably when I washed it.  I have not tried to remove it yet with clearasil, but will be applying it over the next few days.  Fortunately, it is light and on the back of her thigh. 
  Taisie is $329 and includes her entire outfit, including skates.  US Shipping by Priority based on zip code; Express overseas/international is $51.  

While Taisie's feature and hair color combination were created with a winter look in mind; she is versatile to dress any way you like! She is a fabulous doll to display any time of year!  If you would like to adopt Taisie, email me!