Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Meet Iris and Lily!  Iris began as a 1970's Gregor.  She is now a lovely Edwardian era girl with two toned auburn hair!  Her little sister, Lily, has slightly lighter hair with similar coloring!
Lily has green/gray eyes an freckles.  Her eyes have a brown tone because of her brown hair, freckles and eyebrow color. 
Iris' wig is a Monique synthetic mohair with with a "skin" part on the top.  It is soft an versatile!  I have trimmed a little fringe on the front to soften it and give it a more casual look. 
Iris wears a sweet drop waist dress, white boots with socks and bloomers.  This gorgeous outfit is handmade.  I have unfortunately lost the records of the talented seamstress who made it, otherwise I would credit it!  

Iris was a played with Gregor and as such, has some shiny places.  There is one on her forehead (hence part of the reason for her bangs) and under one eye if she's turned in the light a certain way.  There is a also a little scratch near one eye.  As you can see she displays very well especially since her hair, freckles and features detract from any flaws.  

We always like to bring previously well loved dolls to life and as such, they usually have some of these issues!  She has no ink or other problems; no smoke, mold or other odors. 
Iris is $310 and payment can be by Paypal.  International shipping available.  Contact me at   
Scroll down for Lily.......

 Lily began as a 1980's baby.  She has been repainted and sealed and wears a two toned wig by Monique.    She has light freckles (since she had a dot near her eye, these were necessary! :)  She wears a simple slip and old fashioned bloomers and is ready to be dressed by you, or to display the way she is!  Baby Lily is $210 and international shipping is available.