Saturday, August 15, 2015

(SOLD) Meet Karianne!  She began as an earlier 1970 Gregor that was well loved. She has been cleaned and restrung.

Karianne has been repainted in a crude eye style, and she has a light brown synthetic mohair wig that can be parted different ways.  It is very cute braided, but I included photos of it down also.  Her dress is handmade and she wears a pair of vintage bloomers and black old-style boots.

Karianne is $350 and comes as shown.
(SALE PENDING) Meet Olive Marie!
She began as an early 1970 Gregor need of a remake.  She was a very well played with doll; clearly someone's best friend but she really needed an overhaul!  She has been cleaned and restrung and remade into a new, one of a kind doll.  She is an earlier, smaller doll with a little bit of shininess, but has made a very nice new doll!

Olive wears a red Monique wig in a short, wispy style and a handmade dress and knickers for early Autumn.  She has cream colored socks and brown velvet shoes.  I realize some people love the longer haired custom dolls, so I have glued her wig down, but it can be removed to switch it with another style or color (she has a smaller Sasha head - a size 8-9 in Monique Gold).

Her eyes are handpainted in a cruder style and she has freckles.

Olive is a one of a kind and can never be exactly duplicated.  She is $350 and comes signed with a certificate.  She is shown with her sister, who will be listed for sale also today.