Saturday, February 22, 2014

(SALE PENDING) I just finished this fun little doll....and gave her a fun little name.  She is "Jasie";( just a cute name I found online!)

 She began as a 1970 Sasha with falling hair and badly greened features exposed to ultraviolet light.
I decided to remake her as a much younger looking Sasha since she is the earlier, smaller mold.  Her blue eyes are rounder and "open" a bit wider to give her this look.
 She has a scruffy, homespun kind of look in her comfortable cotton vintage style dress (handmade by 4Everart).  She has white socks, underpants and little black side strap shoes in a traditional Sasha style.
 Her wig is a brand new human hair wig.  I had to work with it a bit to give it a somewhat natural childlike style.  Her features have been repainted and she has freckles.    She is in very good condition - I did restring her so that now she can hold a pose. She has one little kind of pock in the vinyl on her lower lip that seems to have been factory done; almost like a little bubble; fortunately it is not very noticeable!

 Jasie's little friends (doll and bear) are just props and aren't included; but I'm sure her new home will have lots of toys for her to play with!
 Jasie is $360 and comes signed with a certificate.  I may be contacted at 

Friday, February 21, 2014

(SALE PENDING) Meet Antonia Clare!  This lovely Sasha girl was a 1980's Trendon brunette with one eye lighter than the other.  She was an excellent candidate for a remake!

She has been completely repainted and is now a one of a kind doll.  Her lovely brunette hair is all her own - rooted and not falling!  I have restrung her so that she can hold a pose; she can even stand on her head!

Her eyes are a hazel green and her cheeks have a blush wash on them. I love how Sasha used blush on her earliest studio dolls and it adds a nice depth to the doll's face.
 She comes dressed in the outfit shown.  Underneath her contemporary hoodie is a white t-shirt.  (I have used these hoodies before and never had any color fast issues but her new owner might want to get her a long sleeved shirt for underneath in order to reduce any risk of color transfer to the vinyl over a very long period of time.)   Black tights and boots complete her outfit.  (Again, I have never had any transfer problems using these black socks, and have been using them for years,  but a pair of white tights underneath might be a precaution for long term wear....)

Antonia is a lot of fun and this one of a kind girl is $295.  I can accept Paypal and international orders as well.  My email address is
Spring Valley Studios Sasha dolls seeks to bring individuality and a new personality to previously loved Sasha dolls.   I have been repainting Sasha dolls since 2004 and each doll is a one of a kind, signed on the foot and with certificate of his/her origins.  They are never duplicated and each is an individual character :)  Dolls are sealed with a poly-sealer and are fine for gentle play (my own children each have their own custom Sasha dolls) but use of lots of soapy water  an results in color changes, and banging around can cause dings to the paint on the features.
As in Sasha's tradition, the doll is a unit; where the hair, clothing and features are unified.  Sasha always painted the features last on a doll and I have sought to adhere to that tradition.  But redressing and  even rewigging by their new owners is just fine also.  They're made to be loved! :)