Wednesday, November 26, 2014

SALE PENDING Meet Avania!  Avania means "peace" and she seems to fit right into the fall Thanksgiving holiday with her lovely cream colored dress with cranberry and green colored designs.
Her ginger brown-pumpkin coloring in her hair and face complete her seasonal look!Avania  began as a 1980's baby doll in need of a remake.  She has been cleaned and restrung and her two-color Monique Gold wig has been styled and trimmed for her.   (I took this picture outside as the snow is coming down - don't you love the little snowflake on the side of her hair?) 
She wears a handmade dress and matching panties by AlexisSophie and it is adorable on her.  She comes with her little worn terrycloth toy bunny.

Avania's features have been repainted and sealed and she is a one of a kind that can never be exactly duplicated.  Her adoption fee is $215 + transportation.  She comes foot-signed with a certificate.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

(SALE PENDING) Meet Madelyne!  Madelyn is really a  "parts" doll - a very early 1970's Gregor baby head and an anatomically correct Sasha baby girl torso and body parts.  They all match perfectly as they are from the same era.
She has been transformed into a whole new doll in the style of a "vintage" Sasha studio baby.

I wanted to give her a "used vintage doll" look and have dressed her in a 1930's baby chemise that is in well worn condition (a good seamstress can give a little stitch to the shoulders - I just tied them where they tore which gives her a scrappy look).  She has a touseled near-black wig by the Monique Gold collection.  Her eyes are painted brown and she has been cleaned and restrung.  She has one small ding on her cheek as you can see below  (shows as a white spot) and a little hole in the back of her chemise which also has yellow stains from age.
I had some fun photographing her with some antique tin type photos.  They don't come with her, but she does come with her little vintage tin toy top!

Madelyne is $245 and comes signed with a certificate.  I hope you enjoy her photos!