Monday, November 16, 2015

(SALE PENDING) Not a custom doll, but an all original 1969 Sasha Frido girl with a full center part! 
 Head to toe:  She has been cleaned inside and out and restrung and I will include her original leg cord (her arms were off with no cord when she arrived here) which is white with blue and orange flecks.   She has no smoke, mold or other strange odors and is in played with and loved condition.  No ink or stain marks or missing features,  no falling hair, but she does have a bit of shininess  here and there. 

Her lips have oxidized over the to a frosted with a tinge of greenish although not as much as some.  I think it's a very appealing look and is very common on these early dolls.  She is missing her wrist tag and pants, but retains her original gingham dress with all snaps intact, her undershirt which is a bit stretched and her shoes and socks.  Socks have age wear and a run in one of them.  Shoes have wear as well but they are her original, early Newey snap shoes.

Her hair was a shambles when she arrived, but it has been washed, conditioned and straightened so it is much smoother.  It is still a little rough feeling near the ends but not tangled and "frizzy" looking.  She has the very hard to find full rooted center part for ponytails, which was discontinued in 1969.

She is an adorable early, smaller and darker girl and would make a nice addition to any Sasha family!