Friday, March 18, 2016

(SALE PENDING) This is Melodie!  Melodie began as a 1980's Sasha doll and is now a one of a kind redhaired girl!  I loved Sasha Morgenthaler's use of teals and green/blues with her redhaired dolls, so this lovely dress by Carol Mitchell compliments Melodie's bright red hair!
 She has a great, high quality synthetic mohair wig that is really soft and fun to style, as you can see!  And it's very long as well!

 I had some fun outside on this windy day, when her hair would not behave for the camera!

Melody has been repainted as a one of a kind custom Sasha doll.  She can never be exactly duplicated, and is sure to make a fun addition to your Sasha family!  She is $385.  I may be contacted here 

(SALE PENDING) Meet Alika!  Alika is a Hawaiian name for this Hawaiian girl meaning "most beautiful".  

She began as a 1980's Sasha and has been transformed into a one of a kind custom doll.  She has brown eyes, and a very dark, very long, synthetic mohair wig that blows easily in the breeze!  (As you can see from my windy-day photos!)  

Kalia wears a handmade white eyelet dress and I have added a pair of lace trimmed bloomers and a slip underneath, and a lace belt around her waist.  She wears a pink flower in her hair. Her feet are bare for playing in the sand and water.  

Kalia is a one of a kind and can never be duplicated.  She will come signed with a certificate.   She is $385 and I may be contacted here 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

(SALE PENDING)  Meet Lucy!  Lucy is an earlier baby that has been remade into a one of a kind girl with blue eyes, near black hair and she wears a little yellow handmade smocked dress by Diane's Delights.  I added a pair of lace trimmed bloomers.  She is all ready for Springtime or Easter!

Lucy has a sexed baby girl body, and has been cleaned and restrung and is in overall good condition.  She has blue eyes, slightly blushed cheeks, as Sasha sometimes did on her babies and a synthetic mohair wig, which is very sort and can be styled in many ways.
(Her tiny Steiff hedgehog friend is not included)
Lucy is a one of a kind and can never be exactly duplicated.  She is $245 and comes signed with a certificate.  I may be contacted here