Friday, March 18, 2016

(SALE PENDING) Meet Alika!  Alika is a Hawaiian name for this Hawaiian girl meaning "most beautiful".  

She began as a 1980's Sasha and has been transformed into a one of a kind custom doll.  She has brown eyes, and a very dark, very long, synthetic mohair wig that blows easily in the breeze!  (As you can see from my windy-day photos!)  

Kalia wears a handmade white eyelet dress and I have added a pair of lace trimmed bloomers and a slip underneath, and a lace belt around her waist.  She wears a pink flower in her hair. Her feet are bare for playing in the sand and water.  

Kalia is a one of a kind and can never be duplicated.  She will come signed with a certificate.   She is $385 and I may be contacted here 

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