Friday, May 30, 2014

Meet Gretta - a new Custom Sasha Doll

(sale pending) Meet Gretta - just completed!  Gretta began as a 1970's Gregor doll in need of new hair and a makeover.  Her body mold dates to circa 1975, so she is an earlier and darker doll.

Her facial features have been repainted - since her outfit to me looks so 1970's in style, I wanted to do a combination of the 1970's eyestyle with the large eyes found on the earliest developmental no philtrum dolls without copying either.  She has large blue eyes now!

Her hair also, I wanted to be in a 1970's carefree style, so I have trimmed up and styled a synthetic mohair wig for her.  I love these wigs, as the fibers are very fine and yet strong and firmly rooted (unlike real mohair) and it can be washed and styled.  Her hair can be parted different ways as there is a "skin" part on the top instead of a stitched part.

Her wonderful dress that reminded me so much of the Holly Hobbie style fabric that we all loved in the 1970's is all handmade by Dreaming Under the Lilacs.  I could not find appropriate shoes that worked with her look, so I left this little hippie girl barefoot to usher in the warm days of summer.

Gretta is a one of a kind and can't ever be exactly duplicated.  She comes signed with a certificate.

Gretta is $315 and can be paid by Paypal.  International Shipping is $38; US shipping based on zip.  I can be contacted at