Thursday, March 12, 2015

Jessamine: An Edwardian Era Girl

Meet Jessamine!  Jessamine represents a girl from the Edwardian era and carries a name that was popular in England for girls at the time.

Jessamine has a synthetic mohair with that is baby fine and soft and it has been trimmed and styled for her.  It is a ginger and brown color, like a brown that picks up lighter tones in brighter light in a very natural way.  She began as a falling hair Gregor from the 1970's and is now a one of a kind girl!

Condition:  She was well played with and put in a stand at some point - I have heat treated and reshaped her sides and her neck knob which was a little misshapen - it still has a small ridge in it so it likes certain head poses but her head  can still be posed in all different ways. She has been restrung as well.  Her neck at the torso is not "caved" but is just naturally indented a little but it should not be a problem, as she is restrung tight enough for a pose but not tight enough to put a ton of pressure on the joint.  On her back is a light mark on her upper back probably where she was stored against something and there are two lightish pink marks on her back.  I am to blame for those - I didn't realize I had red paint on my fingers form opening a paint bottle when I was doing her lips and accidentally imprinted it on her back.  I washed it off but these acrylics can stick and it has left a little pink birthmark.  

Her dress was made by 4everart and it is a lovely Edwardian style dress. I added thick white sockings, bloomers and matching blue shoes.  She reminds me of a little Schoenhut doll in this fun outfit!  

 Fun with antique toys!  
 Her hair can be styled in different ways since it has a top "skin" part instead of a stitched part.

 Jessamine's wig in the sunlight, picking up the light ginger tones.

 Jessamine is $385 and comes in the full outfit shown, signed with a certificate.  She is a one of a kind, never to be exactly duplicated!  I can be contacted here 

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