Friday, April 24, 2015

(SALE PENDING) A brand new Sasha creation - she is unnamed.  I have sifted through so many names in the past decade for each doll that I will leave this one up to her new owner!

She began as a 1970's doll with trimmed bangs.  She was inspired by Sasha's girls in white, but also by the black haired studio dolls with short dark hair and dark eyes.  She has her original stringing which is in good condition.  She is overall in nice shape. 
 Her wig is a Monique Gold wig that I have washed and slightly heat treated so that it has lost that "ultra shine" and uniform, flat shape and is now a bit more casual and natural looking.
Her features have been repainted  Her lips are stained rather than actually painted, for a more natural look.
 It was a windy day for picture taking!

" White spring flowers in the grass!"
 .."And in my hair!" 

 Her dress was made by Diane's Delights.  It is very white and smocked.  I added a pair of white socks and black shoes for contrast.  She needs a pair of bloomers, but in their absence, she's wearing a pair of white ribbed Sasha underpants. (I didn't want to hold up her sale by ordering a pair of doll bloomers from Ebay!)

She comes signed and with a certificate, on which I will put her owner chosen name if you like. :)  This lovely "black and white" girl is $395 and overseas shipping is available.   I may be contacted here 

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