Tuesday, April 7, 2015

(SALE PENDING) Meet Grace!  She is the newest Spring Valley Studios Sasha re-creation!  She portrays a girl from the past with a simple and pretty name.
 Grace began as a 1980's Sasha.  She has been cleaned, restrung and completely remade into a new doll.  Her round style eyes are blue and she has light cheek blush and freckles.  Her wig is from the Monique Gold collection and is two toned blonde and has been trimmed into a studio doll style for her.

Her dress is a whole other story.  The story goes that Sasha Morgenthaler wasn't much of a seamstress and I guess that is true for me...but this was my first real attempt.  Hopefully in time maybe I will improve!  In the meantime, Grace wears this outfit.  The dress was made from an old cotton shirt and the apron from vintage, used fabric.  I wanted to do what Sasha did - using fabrics from used clothing for her dolls.  The insides aren't really finished very well - nothing is serged but it's a sturdy little outfit, even if the hem is a bit uneven (I haven't gotten hemming down yet!)  They both close with snaps in the back.

Grace wears a pair of boots that have been distressed to look used and worn.
She comes with crude and worn looking hair ties that are scraps from the apron material.

Grace is a one of a kind and can never be exactly duplicated.  She comes signed with a certificate.  She is $365 and overseas shipping is available.  I may be contacted here 

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