Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Robin: A Unisex Sasha Doll

(SOLD) Meet Robin!
 In the late 1960's the Gotz company released what is known as a "unisex" Sasha doll.  Sasha had always been a "universal" doll completely open to a child's interpretation in race, age and style; dressed in simple clothing with simple hairstyles and a "blank" face.  But Gotz briefly took it a step further and released the "unisex" doll that was open to whatever a child wanted it to be - a boy or a girl.  If the owner was a little boy, the doll could be a rough and tumble doll to buddy around with.  If the owner was a girl, it could be dressed as a girl. The doll had slightly longer than usual hair than on a boy doll but not so short that it couldn't be a boy, and was dressed in overalls.  It was a fun and creative doll!

So is Robin.  He/she began as a 1970's Gregor Sport with hair so bad that it literally shed out completely when I rubbed it when a towel.  Robin is an earlier, slightly smaller doll the chestnut Monique Gold wig he wears can be styled as either a boy or girl.

Robin wears a fantastic pair of overalls, white shirt, trapper hat and scarf from Nomacustom on Etsy.  They are just adorable! (the floral jumper belongs to one of my dolls and isn't part of the sale, just to show how versatile this doll is!)   Also included are white socks and a pair of boots!
As a girl, she reminds me a bit of Tatum O'Neal in Paper Moon!
Robin's friend is available separately!
The doll , while in good condition, had a little play wear including a shiny place on the cheek I was unable to remove and a dot on the hand.
Robin is $375 and is signed with a certificate.  Email me at wenarskys@embarqmail.com if you are interested

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