Saturday, December 6, 2014

(SOLD) Meet Chana!  Chana is a traditional Israeli girl name, just in time for Hanukkah 2014.  She began as a 1980's baby and has been restrung and cleaned and given a new identity!

She has a Monique Gold brown/black wig that has been cut and styled for her.  Her wonderful outfit is by Alexisophie.  Her features have been repainted and sealed.  
Her coloring will allow her to be dressed any way you like and she is really a lot of fun!I apologize for the slightly lesser quality of photos, but we have had many days of rain and trying to photograph Sashas in artificial light is hard!

(Her little white dove is just a prop and doesn't come with her although you can order her very own "dove of peace" at this website.  They have lots of wonderful little bird props that are great for Sasha dolls!

Chana is $230 and international shipping is available -- email me here for information

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