Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Meet Cherice!!   SALE PENDING Her name means "cherry" and she has the red hair to match it!
Cherice began as a 1980's Sasha doll.  She has been all repainted and has a wonderful Monique Gold curly red wig and a  handmade outfit by Nomacustom on Etsy.  It consists of a traditional Sasha style high yoke dress, pinafore (or can be worn as a petticoat underneath!) and bloomers.  I have added white socks and cream colored boots to her outfit.

Her eyes are handpainted in a combination of greens and browns and her lip color is a terracotta.

Her hair is a lot of fun to style and is really wild!   Sorry so many pictures - I just had a lot of fun photographing this girl!
Cherice is in good condition with a little bit of pink mark on the ends of her toes on one foot almost like a very light peach marker mark. 
Cherice is $385 and comes with her complete outfit and little bird friend!  I may be contacted here 

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