Monday, June 16, 2014

Meet Seraphine! A new Custom Sasha Doll (SALE PENDING)

Seraphine began as a 1970's Gregor much in need of a makeover!  Because I begin with a doll that is usually very well loved, they often have some imperfections.  This girl has a faint blue line on her stomach and one going up her arm.  Fortunately, they are very light and I will include photos of them also.

Meanwhile, here is her information!  Her arms have been restrung as they were too loose and her features repainted.  The falling out, brittle brunette hair has been replaced by a Monique Gold wig used for ball jointed dolls.  It is a wonderful quality of synthetic mohair.  It has been trimmed and styled to fit her "look".
Her features have been repainted and sealed.    Her 1910's style dress is handmade and underneath are long bloomers.
Her contemporary friend is available separately! 

Seraphine is $330 and I may be contacted at

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