Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Meet Rosine!  Rosine began as a late 1970's Sasha doll with cut hair.  She is now   a lovely redhaired girl!
I have always loved the early Frido redhaired girls, both with philtrums and without, but with the fringe style bangs.  I used a Monique Gold Taylor wig, which was much too long and all one length, and have cut and styled it and cut a fringe bang into it so that she is very reminiscent of the early Frido dolls with the desirable "fringe" hairstyle.
Her wig is a combination of colors - blonde and light red.  It is a soft, synthetic mohair.

Her features have been repainted and sealed.

Rosine is a "Dress Me" Sasha - she comes only in the little white slip shown.  It makes a lovely summer dress or she can be dressed by you.

I have given Rosine blushed cheeks, not only because Sasha liked this technique on her early studio dolls but also because she has a small bluish mark on her cheek that I wanted to camouflage as much as possible.

She is in otherwise good condition and will come  signed and with a certificate.   She is a one of a kind and can never be exactly duplicated.   Rosine is $295.   I may be reached at wenarskys@embarqmail.com

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