Monday, June 16, 2014

Meet Derek!
Derek is all boy -and began as a 1980's doll with falling hair.  He has been remade into a new custom boy doll.
Head to toe - he wears a fantastic Monique Gold wig designed for ball jointed dolls.  It is synthetic mohair and is a blending of colors.  It is in a contemporary long style but he could be dressed from any era!
He's wearing an odd assortment of clothing - a Wee Wardrobe striped shirt and his play jean shorts were handmade by an obviously inexperienced seamstress.  They came on another doll and I wanted him to look like he was wearing casual play clothes, so this is what I had!  (So I will leave his future wardrobe up to you!)
He wears black high tops on his feet.
He can be easily posed in any position.  He has slightly blushed cheeks and freckles.  He is $315  plus shipping.  I can be reached at

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