Thursday, October 17, 2013

Harmony...A New Custom Sasha Dolls

(SALE PENDING) Meet Harmony!

Harmony began as an early 1980's Sasha with cut hair and playwear and has been transformed into a one of a kind custom Sasha doll!  In her adorable playdress in patchwork fabric (handmade by Dreaming Under the Lilacs!) she represents a little girl from the 1970's.  Handmade sandals and a real 1970's Knickerbocker Holly Hobby miniature doll complete her look!   We're having an unprecedented "Indian Summer" here this time of year and with her colors, she seemed perfect to photograph against the autumn background.

Harmony has an auburn  human hair wig that has been treated and styled for her.  She has been thoroughly cleaned and restrung and her features repainted and sealed.  She has light blush on the outside of her cheeks and nose, a technique Sasha used in creating some of her earliest dolls.
Her eyes are a dark olive with green tones.

Holly was thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and has a slight odor; but as she was not moldy smelling when she arrived, I'm not sure what the smell is.  I'm allergic to mold and this is not triggering any reaction; so I'm not sure what it is.

Harmony is $355 and international shipping is availble.  She comes signed on her foot and with a certificate.  (And her little Holly Hobbie doll too!)   I may be contacted here   Enjoy her photos - she and I had a lot of fun

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