Sunday, October 20, 2013

Meet Esi!  Elsi is Spring Valley Studios newest one of a kind Sasha doll!  Esi is an African name meaning"born on Sunday" in Africa.  Since today is Sunday and I have completed her today, it seemed an appropriate name!

 Esi was a doll I previously customized with blue eyes.  Looking at her on my shelf, I was unhappy with the way her blue eyes were lost in her dark skin at a distance.  So I have changed them, darkened all her features and worked with her wig a little bit - and when this gorgeous handmade dress by Dreaming Under the Lilacs arrived, I knew I had to do a total overhaul on her character and use some of Sasha's ethnic children as inspiration, using very dark brown as base in her iris color rather than a blue shade.

 Esi has pierced ears; inspired by one of Sasha Morgenthaler's African studio babies.  Her earrings can be changed out of course, but she will come with the pair she is wearing.  

 Esi has a "synthetic mohair" wig - which is very soft, very curly and can be styled in many ways.  I have added several yellow beads to match her outfit!
Esi began as a 1980's Caleb and has been thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and restrung.  She has a slight storage odor but there is no "mold infection" since she has been cleaned inside and out with an anti-mold solution and washed thorougly numerous times.  (When she arrived she had no visible mold, just a slight residual "basement" smell, so I thought it best to do a thorough inside out cleaning and restringing.) 

I hope you enjoy her photos, and a special "thank you" to Dreaming Under the Lilacs for providing this fabulous dress that unifies her entire look! 
Esi is $335 and Paypal is available as well as International shipping.  Contact me here  

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  1. You are such a good doll maker! The details and the hair are just perfect and I really want to buy this for my daughter! Seems like the perfect toy which any girl will enjoy!