Tuesday, August 27, 2013

(SALE PENDING) Lillie!  Lillie is my newest (re) creation, began from an early 1980's Gregor doll.  Lillie depicts a little girl from the 1920's and her names was selected as it was in the top 50 popular names of that era!

Lillie head to toe has a red synthetic mohair wig.  Synthetic mohair is fine and light, natural feeling and looking but with the durability of a synthetic fiber.  It is curly and tousled in a careless way.  Her features have been repainted and sealed and she has freckles. 

Her dress is handmade and can be worn with or without her pinafore.  I wished I had better shoes for her but right now she wears a pair of Mary Janes with a buckle.  They could be easily replaced by the buyer in blue, white or black as many sellers on Ebay are now selling Sasha fitting Mary Jane in many colors.  She has bloomers under her dress.

Lillie has been thoroughly cleaned inside and out; her parts dried and has been restrung with all new elastic so she's ready to play!  (I found a very very small very light brown mark on the fabric of the front of her dress between the folds and on the front of her pinafore, there is a slight fabric flaw. )

Lillie comes with her two "best friends"; a rag doll and her special porcelain baby doll.  

Lillie was a fun doll to create, pose and play with.  I hope you enjoy her photos!  She is $365 and she comes signed with a certificate.  Paypal verified; international shipping available.   Contact me at wenarskys@embarqmail.com 

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