Tuesday, August 20, 2013

(SALE PENDING) Meet Desta!  Desta (an African name meaning "happiness") began as a damaged Caleb with falling hair.  She is now a whole new one of a kind doll! 
Desta's features have been repainted in a style inspired by Sasha Morgenthaler's Black dolls, with blue over and under the eyes.  Her wig is a natural fiber, mohair, and is braided with beads.  These can be removed of course; and it can be styled in different ways.   She has bangs but since they are mohair they can be easily swept aside to appear as if they blend in with the rest of the hair (in this picture to the right, I have pulled them down and mussed them up..) 

 Desta's outfit consists of old discards of other doll clothing.  Sasha Morgenthaler loved to piece together outfits from scraps - a friend's old coat, scarf, etc.  Desta's shirt is held closed by a scrap of fabric belt, she has a mismatched orange checked skirt and on her feet are real Sasha shoes in worn condition (although I think her brown bare feet in the pine needles are much cuter!)    She wears a braclet and anklet as well.  

 She is in good condition but has some very minor shiny places on her face.  Her new stringing cord ensures that she can hold a good pose!

I hope you enjoy Desta's photos.  If you are interested in adopting her, she comes signed on the foot and comes with a certificate of her origins.  She is $375 and international shipping is available.  Paypal verfied.  Please contact me at wenarskys@embarqmail.com 


  1. Love her Kel. Reall smashing!
    Hope all's well with you.
    My scans are clear!! YIPPEE!!
    Really like Desta. xx

  2. She is very pretty Kelly. I love her eyes. She does look reminiscent of Sasha's dolls, but still she has a unique expression. I am a big fan of your work! My Astra from you is one of my favorite dolls. My mother was over the other day, and she picked her out as especially beautiful...Sadly, I am just not in a Sasha spending phase.