Thursday, December 3, 2015

(SOLD) Meet Kai!  Kai's name means "sea" and he is a little brother to Talise, the little oyster gatherer, available below.  

Kai has an anatomically correct boy's body and began as a 1970 baby boy with oxidized features.  He has been cleaned and restrung.  His features have been repainted in a watercolor free-style and sealed.  He has a soft synthetic mohair wig.
"Clara! Come and play in the sea with us! Don't worry about your dress!" 

(His friend, Clara, and sister are also available for sale. ) He is wearing an adorable antique handmade outfit circa 1930's that I have had in my collection.   (His puppy is just a prop and is not included)   Kai is $215 and comes signed with a certificate.

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