Thursday, December 3, 2015

January SPECIAL:  I have added some original Sasha doll clothing to my Etsy shop including some earlier pieces.  The link can be found here - once there, search "Sasha" within my shop and they will come up!  

(SALE PENDING)  (Scroll down for two others for sale) Meet Clara.  She began as a 1970 Gregor with cut hair and badly oxidized features.  She has the earlier, smaller body and much darker skin tone, so I decided to do a "contrast" with her; using light colored clothing, a very light wig and blue eyes.  Her eyes are painted in a large, watery style, similar to younger Sasha studio dolls, making her face seem small and youthful looking.

Her wig is synthetic mohair and she wears a simple Sasha studio style seamstress-made dress with slip and bloomers.  She is in overall good condition and has been cleaned and restrung. As an early played with doll, she has a very shiny patina.
When I completed her, her delicate appearance reminded me of a ballerina, and this time of year, Clara seemed a perfect name for her.
These three will most likely be the last dolls for 2015 and will come signed with a certificate.   Her price is $360 and I may be contacted here about any of the three shown below.  If you scroll down you will find information about each one of them.

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