Wednesday, September 17, 2014

(SALE PENDING) Meet Perla!  Perla is a brunette girl with blue eyes.  She began as a 1980's doll in need of new features and hair.

  She has been cleaned, restrung and made into a brand new doll!

Perla has blue eyes and asymmetrical arched eyebrows in the style of the early no philtrum dolls, giving her a determined but fun look.

She has freckles and wears a wonderful Monique Gold wig made for ball jointed dolls.  It is synthetic mohair and very soft.  Her wonderful outfit was handmade by Mary Anne Getchell and includes  another piece which forgot to photograph with it - a long pinafore in the same pattern as the collar.  Underneath are bloomers and I put a pair of fun knit socks on her feet but I had no matching boots so I will leave her footwear to her new owner!

( Perla is photographed with Siri who has already been adopted,)

Go sit upon the lofty hill
And turn your eyes around
Where waving woods and waters wild
Do hymn an autumn sound
The summer sun is faint on them-
The summer flowers depart--
Sit all transform'd to stone,
Except your musing heart. 

 Perla is $345 and comes in the outfit shown as well as the pinafore that can either go under or over it.  Shipping based on zip code or international.  Email me at if interested!

(SIRI -- SOLD) Meet Siri!  Siri is a one of a kind custom Sasha baby girl.  She began as an early brunette girl with falling hair.  She has been cleaned and restrung but she's had lots of previous loving so she still has a smudge on one cheek.  Because of this, it was necessary to blush her cheeks and give her some freckles.  I think she is very cute this way!

 She wears a green gingham handmade dress and her wig is a Monique Gold wig that has been styled for her.  Sasha Morgenthaler sometimes liked to use a blending of two hair tones on her wigged studio dolls and even the production dolls often had a blending of two tones of blonde for realism; and this wig is similar.

Siri has green eyes and her name means "beautiful victory" - I think she is, after many years of neglect; she is a brand new personality!
Siri is $205 and comes in the little green dress shown - toys are props but not included.
But I am sure you will enjoy filling her toybox full of goodies!
Email me at if interested!

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  1. Your work is incredible...I love your new baby...and your little match girl especially...but I have to say...your repaint creations are each so awesome....