Friday, August 22, 2014

Rare NP Redhaired Ballerina Sasha Doll First Year Completely Hand Painted 1966


 SOLD   This is a gorgeous Frido Sasha doll with eyes and brows completely painted by hand.  She has been in my Sasha family for many years and due to an auto emergency, I need to sell her now.  Her names is "Scraps" and she is extremely rare due not only to her hair and eye color but also her eye style of slightly side glancing eyes.  This was not a technique generally done on the dolls but being a one of a kind early production doll, all rules are off!  She also has the silver eyebrows that the first "exhibition" dolls have. 

She has had a bad haircut.  I have always wanted to have her rerooted but never got around to it.  I just pull what hair she has into little ears on the side of use a headband.  It is cut all around the top in a shag cut, so this is really the only way you can do it.  Her hair is the very first hair used - it is very fine and soft. 

She wears the early ballet cape and tight with shoes.  Missing ruffle (which is easy to make).  She has definitely been played with but no serious damage.  She was restrung and is a little loose but I was afraid to really tighten her a lot.  I can string her tighter if the buyer wishes.

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