Saturday, January 28, 2017

(SOLD) Meet Mayla and her little friend Maretta!   

Mayla began as a 1970's Sasha in need of some help.  She has the slightly darker skin color and a narrow face.  She has been transformed into a one of a kind girl!

She has a near black synthetic mohair wig that is wispy and cute with two little pigtails.  Her dress is handmade (melissablondie on Ebay) with matching bloomers and she wears blue shoes on her feet to match her eye color.  She has a  Eurasian look with her dark her and blue eyes!  She brings with her her floppy mohair panda bear!   She has been restrung and is ready for a new home!   

Mayla is $350 and I may be contacted here  

Maretta: Sale Pending  Her little friend Maretta is a 1980's Sasha baby with a red synthetic mohair wig and freckles.  
She comes dressed in a a little sailor suit, and brings with her, her favorite blue and white stuffed snowman.  

Here she is with her hair styled differently
Maretta is $185 and I may be contacted here.  

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  1. Oh man. these are really freaky,,,, i feel that one day these people are going to make real actual live dolls.. they keep getting more realistic with time.