Wednesday, November 16, 2016

(SALE PENDING) Meet Sudie!  Sudie is a brand new, one of a kind custom girl and is a portrait of a mid-century Appalachian child. 

Sasha Morgenthaler traveled through the world, observing children everywhere.  She created dolls that portrayed children of all races and socioeconomic background and cultures.  While her dolls were all unique and one of a kind dolls, they were united by the same facial molds as well as often using the traditional high yoke dress used on dolls of all cultures and background; from wealthy children to the very poorest.  

I recently read about a series of photos from Life Magazine in 1964 about the children of Appalachia

Two children in Appalachia in 1964, captured by Life Magazine photogapher

I realized that while I had created African dolls, Gypsy children dolls and immigrant children, I had never yet created a custom Sasha doll of an Appalachian child.

So here is Sudie.  She began as an early 1969 Gregor doll with bad hair, in need of new features and a remake.  As such, she is an early, smaller and much darker skinned doll than the later dolls.  She can describe herself and her appearance in her own words!

"My name is Sudie.  I live with my mama and papa and my brothers and sisters in the hollow.  My blue gingham top used to be my dress when I was smaller.  But I have grown and now it is too short to be a dress anymore.  So Mama gave me an old pair of my brother's pants that she cut off for me to wear underneath.  So now it's a top.  
I can't wear my shoes for anything except for Sunday meeting and winter time.  My dolly goes everywhere with me, even to your house if you adopt me.   I love her very much.  She came in the Christmas gift barrel two years ago from another little girl who donated her along with presents for my brothers and sisters.  Mama made her a new dress last year with scraps from my old red plaid dress.  I love to walk and think and look for things.  I made my necklace with a bead and some stones I found on a walk, and put on a piece of string.  
I help Mama in the garden and I carry water to the house.  When I'm not needed for work, I like to sneak away to my grass house with my dolly and play school.  Mama says when I grow up, I'll make a good school teacher!"

Sudie's features have been repainted and sealed and she wears a Monique Gold wig that is two tones of blonde and ginger color.  She is $425 and comes signed with a certificate.  

In a time when there is much fear and strife, let's purpose to love each other!  10 percent ($43) of Sudie's adoption fee will go to Samaritan's Purse to aid families fleeing from ISIS in the Middle East.  (Samaritan's Purse is a reputable and long standing relief organization.) 
I can be contacted here if you are interested in giving Sudie a home! :) 

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  1. Oh, wow! She's perfect and I'd love to have her to compliment Brishan, but finances aren't there. Hope she finds a great home very quickly.