Thursday, April 7, 2016

SALE PENDING  Chloe:  A new one of a kind custom Sasha doll!   She began as a 1980's Gregor.  

 She has been restrung and wigged with a Monique "Misty" wig.  I really love this wig style and it is new to the line and new to me!  It reminds me a lot of the human hair wigs and styles that Sasha used.  

 It is synthetic mohair and I trimmed it a bit for her.    
She has a the large, rounded eyestyle of a younger child similar to ones Sasha used, and a very subtle hint of freckles.  

Chloe's outfit is just fabulous - handmade from the shop of Stomar2015, and I have added black boots.  
She has a traditional and yet contemporary look.  Her wig can be braided and styled in different ways.  She's a lot of fun!

Chloe is $345 plus "travel fair" to your location -  :)  She comes in the outfit shown, complete with hat and boots.  She will be signed and with a certificate.  I may be contacted here 

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  1. Thank you for giving credit to my doll clothes. I do appreciate it.
    (Diane's Delights)