Friday, July 26, 2013

Bettina...a new custom Sasha doll!

(SALE PENDING) Meet Bettina!  Bettina began as a 1980's girl and is now a spirited redhead with green eyes.    Her hair has been dyed with permanent dye and is a very unique shade!   It is her original hair (uncut, and rooted)  It's been years since I did a "Sasha dye" job and I forgot what fun (and stress!)  it can be!

  Bettina's features have been repainted and sealed and she has freckles.   In traditional Sasha style, her facial feature colors reflect that out of her outfit; a technique Sasha Morgenthaler liked to use!  Of course, she would look dressed in anything contemporary or traditional!

She wears a handmade dress, bloomers, socks and brown high top boots.  She has been cleaned and restrung and there is a very small green dot on her stomach that is a stain.  Fortunately it is not very prominent!  She has no other ink, mold, bad odors or scratches.

  Her hair is in great shape without frizzing.  As you can see in the photo, the roots are a tiny bit lighter than the rest of the hair, as tends to happen when I'm dying because I have to be super careful not to get it on the vinyl "skin" too long!  I think it lends to her unique look!

Bettina is $325 and international shipping is available.  :)Contact me at to adopt her!


  1. She is fabulous Kelly. I love green eyes on dolls - a rare thing indeed when I was small, as almost all dolls were blue eyed blondes and to find a brunette was hard enough. Jenni

  2. Lovely fiery girl Kelly. :-)